First Hilltop Home Party…


Surprised me by exceeding all of my expectations!  It was a fantastic showing of guests and the host was truly awesome and gracious! I will be forever grateful!

There many things that I did remember, and MANY more that I forgot.  But that just goes to show, when you have a good product, it will sell its self and really that is all that matters.

I was really happy with how my hostess structure worked out!  And had I been a consultant having MY first show I would have been thrilled. So here are some NUMBERS!  The Party Total was $477.  That include what I had on hand/cash and carry sales.  AND orders I had to fill.  (Just like any other direct sale company, you may have to wait 2-3 weeks to receive your product!)

My host earned $120.00 worth of product!  I know what you are thinking!  AWESOME RIGHT!?!  You know that quilt you have been eyeing,  You know that 4×6 shag rug you have always wanted. You know that beautiful braided runner you wanted for your hall…Or WOW…A discount on a pot holder rug!!!  It’s NOT just for soap! You can use the product credit towards ANYTHING I create at Hilltop Designs.

So about that consultant….She would have made $133 (28% of sales on this particular party) in less than 4 hrs. That’s 33.25/hr. I’m happy with that! 🙂

So you ask?!?!  What’s in the starter kit?!  How much does it cost?!!?  Stay tuned. 🙂  The information will be available soon!

Did you read about the new balm?!  Check it out!!! Its called SUMMER TIME!


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