November 2017: Thankful for Another Year!

November 1

Happy November! We are finishing out 2017 with some brand new products that I think you will enjoy very much!

Cranberry 1

The first item in this month’s box is a re-release of our Cranberry & Orange Square Bar. This glycerin soap combines the powerful antioxidants of cranberries and orange with our moisturizing olive oil glycerin base to make a great multi-purpose soap. (Besides, what goes better with Thanksgiving than cranberries?!) If you need to bring a hostess gift to someone special this month, stock up on square bars!

Lavender Tea Tree 1

The next item in this month’s box is brand new: get ready to fall in love with our new Lavender & Tea Tree Deodorant! Testers fell in love with this deodorant which goes on nice and smooth and uses lavender and tea tree essential oils for a light, clean scent. If you’re a Hilltop Deodorant fan, you might have noticed that we have changed the ingredient ratios in our Original formula to increase the softness, and we use those same ratios in this blend as well. Stay chemical-free with this deodorant!

Sweet Citrus 1

Our last release for this month is a small jar of our brand new Sweet Citrus Whipped Sugar Scrub! Fans of Hilltop Bath Gel will likely enjoy this new scrub, which is a foaming soap base that we blend with sugar and essential oils. The whipped scrub does not leave an oily residue behind on your skin, so this product will give you great exfoliation with nothing but a fresh, clean feeling left behind! Expect to see Hilltop release new scents of this amazing new scrub in the future!


If you’ve been enjoying the Hilltop Holiday Square Bar Three Pack, those bars will be available individually through Christmas. Stock up on Coconut & Lime, Hilltop Holiday, and Minty Milk while you still have the chance! Also, be sure to check out Hilltop’s website on Cyber Monday to take advantage of some really great deals!

November 2

Don’t forget that there is no release day in December, so the next release day won’t happen until January! All of us at Hilltop send you lots of good wishes for your Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season!

Happy creating!

October 2017: Pumpkins & Butters


October is here! Lots of you know that means butter season has officially arrived at Hilltop. Read on to see what’s happening this month!


The first new release this month is our brand new Pumpkin Spice Latte Square Bar! This bar was inspired by a pumpkin spice coffee blend that Trader Joe’s no longer carries. We loved it so much that we had to turn it into soap! We took some pumpkin puree, orange peel, and a great blend of delicious pumpkin pie flavors, then added some coffee to our goat’s milk base, and voila! The PSL Square Bar was born! Your skin will love the pumpkin’s vitamin A, and here’s some great news for fans of the Gluten-Free Pumpkin Goatmeal soap: this new bar is also gluten-free! There’s nothing basic about this limited edition soap; stock up so you can enjoy this amazing flavor all year long!


As I already mentioned, we’re excited that it’s Body Butter season again at Hilltop! We offer these products only from October through the end of March; since we don’t use any preservatives, we aren’t able to ship body butters during the warmer months or else they will melt. Hilltop has five different body butters in our lineup:

Cocoshea: intense moisturizing that soothes skin irritations
Cocoshea Grapefruit & Mint: luxurious texture with a fun, fresh scent
Mango Shea: powerful moisturizing that soothes dry skin
Mango Shea Peppermint: intense moisturizing with a crisp, minty scent
Whipped Sweet Cherry: light moisturizing with a sweet scent

Collect them all during butter season!


Are you already getting excited for the holidays? Hilltop has some very fun sets are available online now that are perfect for gifts, not to mention our brand new Winter Candle! (Plus, you will not want to miss our variety of limited edition square bars!) Want to earn some of these items for free? Contact your consultant about scheduling a party so that you can earn some Hilltop Cash!

Happy creating!

September 2017: Blessings & Surprises

september 3

Welcome to fall! Did you see all of our new releases on Friday?! I am so excited to share our new products with you, but first I’d to talk about a way we have decided to give back to communities who are hurting across this country after Hurricane Harvey, the wildfires out west, and now Hurricane Irma. Hilltop is sending Blessing Boxes in bulk to communities impacted by these horrific natural disasters, and for $5, you can purchase a box for someone in need.

blessing 5

Your donation supplies a one-ounce Bug Bar tin, a Margarita Lip Balm, a three-ounce bar of From Scratch Coconut Oil Soap, and a loofa. We are sending these boxes with the hopes that they bring a smile to the recipient’s face and a little normalcy back to their routines. In the first day and a half, our amazing customers and consultants purchased 250 blessing boxes! Thank you for joining us in blessing others.

anise 3

And now for the new releases! Our first new product is in its fourth fall as a seasonal regular. Our Anise Goatmeal Square Bar is a must have for all hunters. The soap smells like black licorice, which attracts deer and also covers your scent! Anise is great for deer and bear hunting; that’s pretty fantastic for our hunter friends! Not into hunting? Not a problem. This soap gives you all the benefits of ground oatmeal, plus anise essential oil is perfect for rejuvenating skin (let’s hear it for the #hilltopglow!), all while helping your skin become soft and smooth.

coconut 1

If you’re in denial about summer drawing to a close, our brand new Coconut Lotion will transport you to a tropical place all year round! We’re very excited about this product, as this is our first lotion to use a plant-based fragrance oil instead of essential oil. We think you’re going to be loving this coconut scent, and we’re excited to see what other fun scents are possible using natural fragrance oils in the future.

unicorn 4

The kids in your life are going to be pretty enthusiastic about our brand new Unicorn Bar! This colorful layered goat’s milk soap will be a huge hit at bathtime. You’re going to love the fun, fruity aroma of this soap that is scented with jackfruit and kiwi fragrance oil. A ripe jackfruit smells like a combination of pineapple and banana, and we think that’s a pretty great description for this bar!

clear your mind fizzy salts

If the start of a new school year has you stressed out, draw a bath, toss in some Clear Your Mind Fizzy Salts, and take some time to chill out. Our blend of lavender, lime, and peppermint essential oils can help you relax! We’re excited to bring back Clear Your Mind Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, and Fizzy Salts as we gear up for the holidays.

september 1

It’s been a great summer over here, and we’re a little sad to see it end. At least there’s plenty of new Hilltop goodies to ease the pain!

Happy creating!

August 2017: Hilltop ABCs

aug releases 4-2.jpg

Do you know your ABCs? This month at Hilltop, they sound a little like Avocado, Berries, and Coconut (plus Chamomile!).

So who else is surprised that summer is practically over already?! I’m trying to savor it all, but the days and weeks just keep flashing past.

sq triple berry 1

Oh well; the end of summer means that it’s time to bring back our TRIPLE BERRY SMOOTHIE SQUARE BAR! Made with a goat milk base and blended with a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, this square bar is great option if you need a little bit of light exfoliation. The berry seeds are perfect for scrubbing! Berries are packed with antioxidants, and that’s always a great ingredient in skincare.

fs coconut milk

Our FROM SCRATCH COCONUT MILK SOAP is another trusty favorite that we’re excited to welcome back. This unique bar of soap features a rich blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut milk (plus some beeswax…it’s the only bar we make that contains beeswax!). Our Coconut Milk soap uses blood orange essential oil to give the bar a sweet aroma. Lots of Hilltop consultants report that this soap makes an excellent shampoo if you’ve been looking to an alternative to commercial shampoos!

fs avocado

Some of you may remember this soap, but I’ve tweaked the recipe and think it’s better than ever: you are going to love the new formula of our FROM SCRATCH AVOCADO SOAP! I modified this soap to include some shea butter, hemp seed oil, and jojoba oil—as if avocado weren’t already great at moisturizing, these three ingredients will take your moisture game to the next level! This bar is perfect for softening and hydrating dry skin, and your skin will love all the vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3s. We used a little bit of green mica to develop this soap’s really pretty green color; I think it makes a very pretty addition to our From Scratch lineup!

lav cham scrub 1

Last up this month is our brand new LAVENDER & CHAMOMILE SCRUB! This epsom salt scrub uses organic extra virgin coconut oil, lavender and chamomile petals, and essential oils to create a very lovely scrub. If you’re in need of a little rest and relaxation, this is the scrub for you! Containing both lavender and chamomile essential oils, your body and mind will thank you for this indulgent treat.

aug releases 3

Remember, if you sign up for our VIP Soap Club, you could receive all of these new releases at a great discount before they are released to the public! 

Enjoy the last bits of summer and soak it all in while you can!

Happy creating,

July 2017: Summer Love


Hello again! Did you have a fun-filled July 4th?!

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying plenty of summer fun with your friends and family. We’ve been experimenting with lots of fun stuff around HDHQ, and that usually means our wonderful customers are in for a real treat. Without further ado, let’s jump into July’s products!


First up is our only re-release for this month: say hello again to the GRAPEFRUIT & MINT SQUARE BAR! If you were a fan of last month’s Morning Mix scrub, you will be pretty happy about this soap. This moisturizing soap uses our olive oil glycerin base, which makes it a great all-over bar. This bar lets you enjoy the many natural benefits of both peppermint and pink grapefruit essential oil in one perfect package. We then add grapefruit zest and some mint leaves to develop a really fresh, amazing scent. Stock up on this limited edition bar because when it’s gone, it’s gone!



Next up is a brand new soap for Hilltop; let me introduce you to our HEMP & TEA TREE SQUARE BAR! This smooth glycerin soap is enriched with hemp seed oil, and that means your skin will appreciate an extra boost of antioxidants and omega-3s. We’ve added some tea tree essential oil to this bar so that you can enjoy all of its wonderful benefits, too. When you feel this soap on your hands, you will notice that the bar is very soft, smooth, and luxurious, and that the scent is very light and natural. I think you will really love this new bar!


Our last item for the month is one of our new ESSENTIAL OIL ROLLER BALLS! Lots of people find that peppermint essential oil has some really amazing health benefits (like helping to soothe a headache or nausea, or maybe develop a sense of calm). We use olive oil and jojoba oil to dilute the essential oils to a safe concentration for application directly on your skin. The 10mL rollers are a great way to keep your favorite essential oils on hand all the time because they easily slip into any purse or pocket. In addition to the Peppermint Roller that you received, we will be carrying a line of oil rollers in a variety of our essential oil blends: Balance, Clear Your Mind, Lavender, and Sweet Citrus. You can keep all of your favorite Hilltop essential oil blends on hand all the time with these fun rollers!


Remember, if you sign up for our VIP Soap Club, you could receive all of these new releases at a great discount before they are released to the public! 

We’re excited about all of our goodies for this month and hope that you enjoy them! It’s been great getting to slow down and enjoy our summer with friends and family, and hopefully you have too. Until next time!

Happy creating,

June 2017: Old Friends, New Favorites

Hello, friends!

I don’t know about you, but we’re getting pretty excited for summer break around here. I think you’ll find that a lot of the products in this month’s VIP are going to be super useful as we transition into spending more and more time outdoors!

First up in the June VIP is a fan favorite: the HIMALAYAN SEA SALT SQUARE BAR! Made with a goat’s milk base and scented with jasmine essential oil, the Himalayan Sea Salt bar is rich in vitamins and minerals with a delicate floral scent. It’s the perfect blend of scrub and soap in one delightful package!

The next item for June is our classic COOL CUCUMBER SQUARE BAR! We combine cucumber and aloe with our olive oil glycerin base to create a super-soothing, moisturizing bar. This bar’s cooling effect is the perfect remedy for skin that’s been in the sun too long, so you’ll definitely want to keep it on hand all summer long. When you need relief from too much fun in the sun, reach for Cool Cucumber.

Hopefully you love our next release, because you can prevent major sunburn altogether with our UNSCENTED SUNSCREEN! We’re giving our VIPs a travel ready one-ounce tin of our Unscented Sunscreen that’s perfect for keeping in your purse, diaper bag, or backpack. Customers will be able to purchase the Unscented Sunscreen as both a lotion bar and in the one-ounce tin on the website, so everybody can stay protected from the sun this summer. Our sunscreen provides about 20-30 broad spectrum SPF (just remember to reapply your sunscreen regularly, especially if you’ve been swimming or sweating!).

Next up is a new lippy that I know you will love: enjoy a tube of our brand new MARGARITA LIP BALM! Made with olive oil, our Margarita lip balm goes on smooth and packs a delicious punch. Cinco de Mayo is over, but this lets you keep a fresh margarita on hand at all times.

Our last new product will be great for those minor cuts and scrapes that happen all over the playground: meet our brand new LANOLIN BALM! This ultra-thick salve is going to be your best friend when it comes to intense healing. The potential uses for this balm are endless; it’s equally awesome at treating cracked cuticles and soothing eczema as it is for providing relief to nursing moms. The Lanolin balm will be available in both two and four ounce tins.


We are proud to announce that Hilltop is partnering with Kalamazoo Candle Company to release our very first candle! Appropriately named SUMMER, this candle is a lush combination of invigorating citrus and lovely floral notes. Grab your Margarita lippy and a Summer candle and pretend you’re experiencing your own island getaway.

Hopefully you’ve got some fun in the sun planned for yourselves, because you have all the products you need to keep your skin protected and refreshed. Until next month!

Happy creating,


New Product Alert! Sage Toner

Sage Toner
A bottle of Hilltop sage toner, one of 2017’s biggest hits!

We love getting product ideas from our consultants and our customers, and I’ve been receiving requests to create a toner for a long time. A consultant sent us a bundle of fresh sage, and the Hilltop Sage Toner was born!

Now some of you may be asking what is toner and why do you need it? In skincare, toners aid in cleansing, minimizing pores, evening out skin tone, and refreshing the skin. Who doesn’t like that?!

There are only two ingredients in our toner: sage and distilled water. Sage is a powerful herb, and there are so many reasons we chose this for our first toner. First, sage can be really helpful in regulating an oily complexion, so if you have been battling acne or even just unwanted shine, consider adding the sage toner into your skincare routine. The next reason we fell in love with sage is because of its anti-aging properties! Sage contains antioxidants that can help minimize wrinkles and fine lines (and anything that can help our skin look younger and more refreshed is worth trying!). I could carry on all day about how great sage is, but I’ll wrap this up by pointing out that sage is naturally antibacterial and can fight inflammation. This is perfect for skincare because it soothes itchy skin (say, from eczema or psoriasis).

A lot of people have asked where toner fits into their skincare routine (and remember, different skin types call for different routines!). We recommend starting with a clean face, so grab your favorite Hilltop soap and get scrubbing! Follow up with Sage Toner. Some of our customers mist the toner directly on their face, while others like applying it with a saturated cotton ball; the choice is yours! (Using a cotton pad or cotton ball will really help you remove any leftover residue from cleansing; follow up with a mist directly to your face if you want an extra burst of freshness.) The next step in my routine calls for applying Hilltop’s Eye Serum under my eyes, followed up with my favorite Hilltop moisturizer, the Olive Oil & Orange Balm. You can pair any of your favorite Hilltop products with the Sage Toner to customize your routine.

The reaction to the Sage Toner has been overwhelmingly positive from our customers and consultants. You’ll find that the scent is soft and fresh and very subtle, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite products!

Let us know how you use your Sage Toner!

Oh May, Oh MY!

MAY 2017 VIP RELEASE Oh May, Oh My!

If you feel like it’s been ages since we had a VIP, you’re basically right.

Between celebrating our fourth birthday with March Madness and everyone going bonkers over Bring Back My Bar in April, our last VIP shipment feels like it happened forever ago. We are ready to get back into our regular rhythms again, but first let me say “THANK YOU!” for all of your excitement and enthusiasm over the past several weeks!

Our March sales were the highest ever, and we welcomed a few hundred new Facebook fans with several fun giveaways. We love celebrating with you and can’t wait to see where the next year takes us.

morning mix
On to the products for this month! I’m guessing more than a few of you will remember the limited edition MORNING MIX SCRUB! Last year I mixed up a batch live on the FOX-17 show Morning Mix, and I had several customers request that it be brought out of retirement.

Morning Mix is a sugar scrub flavored with grapefruit and peppermint essential oils, plus grapefruit zest and mint leaves. The sugar makes it a great scrub for using anywhere you need a little exfoliation, and the refreshing scent is the perfect pick-me-up.

Be sure to stock up if you enjoy it! (Consultants have been known to keep a jar on reserve in their freezer!)

Next up is another classic: the MINT JULEP LIP BALM! The Kentucky Derby will be over in a flash, but you can keep a mint julep on hand all the time with this lippy! With muddled mint leaves, some powdered sugar, and a hint of bourbon, you can celebrate Derby Day all year round.

(With or without a giant floppy hat; that’s totally your call.)

Another fan favorite is making its comeback for May: the CHAMOMILE SQUARE BAR! This lightly-scented bar is so great at healing skin irritations because it uses our goat’s milk base; also, chamomile essential oil is great at soothing eczema, along with having antibacterial and antifungal properties. This limited edition square bar is always a fan favorite, so if you like it, be sure to purchase a few extra bars!

bath tea
Our last product for the month is our brand new BATH TEA! Your Bath Tea package includes three single-use tea bags to enrich your bath time. Perfect for relieving tension and encouraging relaxation, you just need to drop a tea bag into a hot bath and let it steep.

**If you’re looking to amp up the impact of your bath tea, steep it in a mug of boiling water before adding it to your bath!

Your body will benefit from the herbs and Epsom salt, and the essential oil blend of chamomile, lavender, and rose contributes to an overall calming experience. Some of our testers loved the scent so much they used the bath tea as a sachet; there are multiple ways for you to fall in love with Bath Tea!
That’s it for this month! You’ll see a package from us again in June! if you are not apart of our VIP yet what are you waiting for?!  Purchase your VIP today.  Click on this link for a short cut! Don’t forget to list your FAV consultant at check out, to give them credit!

Happy creating,


Put Down your PHONE!

Put down your PHONE Challenge.

I appreciate EVERYONE’S love for their phone use, but I do want to ask ONE HUGE question: Of all the business savvy people you know and emulate and desire to be more like….Do they run their ENTIRE operations off of a 5 inch flat surface that can fit in their hand?


Neither should you!

Those who are successful in this industry are not operating solely from their 5 inch flat surface in their hands either.

Success in this business is not about “fast”, you can throw a post up on Facebook or how “convenient” it is that you can sell from your phone while you play at the park.

Those are perks. YES!!!

But it is also about relationships, customer service and good solid business practices.

Which means solid bookkeeping, typing and less swiping. Sitting, thinking, and pondering.  . Finding Balance.  Building Relationships.  And PUTTING DOWN THE PHONE.

For 7 Days our team accepted the daily challenge and they grew their Hilltop Business.  Outside of their phone.

Are you in a rut with your DS Company?  Check out our 7 daily challenges, adapt them for your small business and try a few out. You will love it.

Ready? Set! GROW!

Day 1: Bookkeeping

Take 20-30 min EVERY WEEK to sort and organize receipts.

Do you use Google Sheets? icloud or One drive?! You should utilize these tools immediately! If you have your bookkeeping stored on a drive like this you can access from ANYWHERE, even from your beloved PHONE, for Bookkeeping on the go.

Best way to set it up? Desktop. Spread those receipts OUT, give yourself SPACE!

Track your sales, Sales tax, expenses, mileage, and any other write-off’s you may have. If you take the time to do it every week….it will still suck. 😉 But it will be done, and that is an amazing feeling. #justdoit #putdownyourphonechallenge


Most consultants are coming off of a Super exciting March, and sales and contacts exploded! 2 tasks for Today. 1.) Create and maintain a customer database. You can go simple with a notebook OR start an excel spreadsheet. Keep names, contact info and a list of their favorite products, a wish list ect. 2.) Pick 3 any people from your database and write them a thank you. Or a letter of HELLO, if it’s been a while. Make sure you snail mail. No matter the age, everyone likes to get fun mail!

Day 3: Stop the Hustle:

Today, put down your phone and have FUN!!! NO WORK. You need balance and slowly your business can take over. And sometimes, in March (Hilltop’s Busiest time of year), that’s ok. But it’s NOT March, or October, or November. So for a few hrs today. Clock out. Enjoy life. Read a book. Go out for dinner. Have fun. You deserve it.

Day 4: Personal Pamper Time:

This goes without saying, and you already ROCK at this—>>> because SAMPLES SELL! But did you know that sometimes we forget to TRY and use our OWN products?! TRUE STORY. So for TODAY. I want you to have a personal HILLTOP PAMPER session. For you can’t sell what you don’t know. Pick a product that you’ve never tried…and give it a whirl. Then sample the left-overs to some friends!

Day 5: Get Centered: (originally written on a SUNDAY, but it works for ANY DAY)

Sundays are the day I get centered. How do i do that? Church, time with family and loosely scheduling the week ahead. On Sunday I make a lists, some on paper, some just a mental list of my goals and what I would like to get accomplished. Stores I need to hit for supplies, different meetings i have and consultants I want to touch base with. It is such a great feeling to be organized. Then on Monday morning when i am driving to work. I can (figuratively, because I don’t litter J) chuck that list out the window.

Why? Because I give each day to God. Every morning I pray that His will be done and that I accept MY to-do’s may not. No expectations. No anxiety. And lots of grace, allows me to look at everything as a gift from Him. So, get centered. Have goals. And be completely OK when He takes you somewhere different next week. Because your plans, your list, your goals….may not be His. 😉 Enjoy your Sunday! #putdownyourphone #godgrace #hisappointments


Plan ahead social media posts. Take 20-30 min, a pen and paper. Think back to those products you’ve sampled this week, think about the recent ones you’ve only just recently tried. Plan 4 creative posts, BEFORE you jump on your phone. Think, what picture can you use. Plan your text. Is it a question? Do you love puns? Is it fun? Interactive? Engaging? Plan your what day you will use the post, what time ect. Then sit down and do them all at once. Save your images, ideas on your google drive and post when you can, with ease! You can even schedule them in advance!!! So cool what a Facebook PAGE CAN DO! #putdownyourphonechallenge #socialmedia #plantosavetime


Last one! And you’ve done it! Time to Put Down Your Phone!

A HUGE draw about DS selling is the flexibility that it offers, and it BOY is that nice….but are you scheduling specific WORK Hours?

It is important to have balance and that is what this challenge has been about!

Starting to treat your Hilltop Opportunity like THE REAL business venture it is! Today, put down your phone and make a schedule. Figure out when you are going to specifically dedicate hours, min, days to your HD business. Try to work during those hours you’ve set aside, as if you were going to a “real” job.

If you work best at 2pm-4pm. Awesome. Don’t even waste your time with other parts of the day. Work those hours diligently and enjoy the rest of your day! The more you treat this like the “real” job. The more it will BE YOUR REAL JOB! 😉

I hope you LOVE working your business outside of your Facebook Page and ALL know there is SOOOOO much more to running your own company than being able to “do it all” from your phone.


Square Bars GALORE ~ a new installment of #hdbehindthescenes : Square bar sale


What an AMAZING DAY!!!

It had been 2 years since our last “bring back my soap” sale.  2 years ago, we had less than 20 consultants and a dozen or so different flavors of soap.  Our spring square bar sale was rather successful and fun, but it was A LOT of work.

Last year, near the end of March, I was DROWNING.  I did the nearly the whole thing by myself. Dan would come in after he worked his day job, to help. When I finally had time to breathe…I said to Dan.  “We need to hire someone, for real.  Or we need to assess how big we are going to be”  And we found Kelly.

Kelly has been an amazing asset to our team and adding her has REALLY allowed us to push the boundaries.  Since Kelly has come on, adding people to our HDHQ team hasn’t been so scary!  As we grow in the field with our consultants, we grow here at HDHQ too!

Another move I had to make after March 2016, was I had to cut the April VIP too.

What a smart move that was!!! March 2017 was SOOOOOOO enjoyable. Not having to rush a VIP out, in all the regular March Madness.  It was delightful. But, not having a VIP did leave us with out a Promo for APRIL and promos are kind of our thing.

Through some chatter in our consultant group, and brain storming after hours with Dan in late February, We decided to surprise the Consultants with a Square bar event!! Our Promo for April.

We were going to resurrect the “Bring back by Square Bar ” Event.  And OH, BOY was that announcement the most fun ever.

It caused sleepless nights, soap nightmares, TOTAL SOAP Panic, LAUGHS, but most importantly it produced SALES!


website crashes

We BROKE our OWN WEBITE!!!! <<<—Huge goal of mine. 🙂 #notkidding.  The best part was at 6:00am, on Friday morning there was a group of us. WIDE AWAKE. Cheering each other on, some with babies in arms, coffee in hand and yes, there were kids late for school.  Mine included.

The consultant conversations behind the scenes were the BEST PART and I just want to share a clip or two of what it’s like. There are around about 130 of us, in our group and it is SOOOO fun.

Here is a sneak peak of our lives within our group.  6:08am the fun began.



Me:  I was worried the timers wouldn’t work!

Consultant #1:  Just keep refreshing! (I’ve been up since 5am for this)

Two more consultants chime in : ME TOO!


I’m THRILLED at this point, but from my side….no actual orders are getting sent to gmail…but i’m not freaking out…yet.


Oh, the sweet sounds of Gmail notifications…a few orders beep through.


Consultant Post #1: Where’s the Minty Milk, and Lemon Basil

Me: Page 2 and 3 of square bars

Consultant#1: AHHH! phew, I thought there was only one page.



Consultant #3:  I seriously set an alarm for this and the SITE IS CRASHING!


Consultant #4: My orders is IN!!!!

ME: Sweet room for someone else on the site

**DING** **DING** Tons of notifications now from my phone


Consultant #5: Smart to do this on a Friday, instead of a Monday!

Me: Who has energy for this on a Monday!


Consultant #6: Mine is IN!!!!


Me: Gosh, you gals sure know how to make a Gal feel special! I’ve always wanted to crash my own website!

Consultant #2: And done! Happy Square Bar day that was more intense than going to Walmart on thanksgiving for a 1500 piece Lego set

Consultant #7 Yeah, I am not a morning person, but I couldn’t sleep, and now I’m wired! haha

Consultant #2 I’m on coffee 3 if that tells you how much I love morning


Consultant #8:  I noticed that too! (crashed site) So glad that I got my order in! I don’t think this soap is going to last long!

Consultant #9: whew, that was exhilarating!

Consultant #10: Do you realize how incredibly torturous it is to wake up early on a morning you can’t even have coffee? But mine’s in.

And the conversations when on. The minutes clicked forward and by 6:39am we had COMPLETELY sold out of 3 set of our square bar scents.  And by 7:00am, 60 orders had come through. **DING***

That is an ORDER A MINUTE  for SOAP.

The sale lived up to the hype and the bad dreams!

Consultant number #11 @ 6:47 am: I literally had a dream that my fingers were too big for the keys and I couldn’t order for my customers.
It’s all good though….all ordered now

Consultant #1 : I have been having soap nightmares all week! haha

A few other Consultant had dreams of missing out too!

The “Bring Back my Square Bar” was a HUGE SUCCESS. It was so much fun. It is SAFE TO SAY –>>> you can expect another Bring Back my Square Bar event.

but WE (and by we I mean ME and Dan) are tired.

SO in April of 2018, we will do it again!!~ We will have ~MORE SOAP~ MORE FLAVORS ~ and We will have ~~MORE ~~ consultants 🙂 so we will probably crash our site again!

But it will be COMPLETELY worth it.

#squarebarsgalore #hdbehindthescenes #hilltopdesignsconsultant #morecoffeeplease

HD behind