Kristen!!! Show Us Your HILLTOP!

Who’s ready for another installment of #SHOWUSYOURHILLTOP ???  Look at the lovely basket of goodies! I’m sure you may be wondering is this another consultant?!?!
Nope! This is  just a  REALLY GREAT customer, who loves Hilltop stuff and LOVES supporting her friend Amanda’s new business.
Facebook and our website make this an easy for Kristen to do!  You see, Kristen and Amanda live over 1300 miles apart, but thanks to Facebook parties and our website, reaching friends who are far away has never been easier!
Let’s see why Kristen LOVES Hilltop
Kristen C
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Tell us a little bit about your Hilltop routine.
My entire family uses the product. Starting with our morning shower….blueberry goatmeal soap in our loofahs and charcoal to wash our face and of course the peppermint sugar scrub for our lips. I use the peppermint lip balm all day especially in cold Pennsylvania. My son takes a bath every night using Kitchen Citrus soap and his loofah along with peppermint smelly salts. And then there is the weekly clear your mind bath salt soak, margarita salt scrub on our feet and charcoal mask. So like I said before we are obsessed.
What Hilltop product(s) are in your purse/pockets/backpack right now? 
In my purse…lotion bar, peppermint lip balm, peppermint lip balm stick, and olive oil balm.
What Hilltop product(s) do you want to try that you already haven’t?
The mango peppermint body Butter and the pumice!!!!! I love all things peppermint.
If you could only have one Hilltop product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Charcoal bar!!!!! But do I really have to pick only one???
Thanks for sharing Kristen!  WE love how you hilltop!
#showusyourhilltop #howihilltop

I almost missed it….

Goodness!!!  You guys, I have to share, the amazing faithfulness of God in this business.
I’m sure you ALL remember our weeks of repeated attacks.  I posted a few times about it on Facebook.  This was how my Monday started. (Luckily THIS Monday was completely the opposite) ;)  But 2 tires later, we had a rolling mini van.
And then THIS POST the NEXT day:

Rough week at the Weber’s! While we are trying to remain postive, its a little touch and go. 😉 if its not vehicles, it’s something else.

So today, it is was a giant power surge that fried our computer, We are finally at this point….9hrs later. I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt attacked, but we are feeling this way. Two expensive truck repairs for Dan last week and a couple new tires for me and now this…all while we make the biggest transition of our life.


But we remain confident in the Lord’s will for our family and believe…this too shall pass, as we continue to pray for His protection and blessings over our household.

And wow! Just now as I write this, we are slowing creaping up finally in percentages! Little victories! We are at 44%! #godisgood! #pleaseletitbefine #familybiz #hdbehindthescenes


The computer never fully recovered and we had to take it in for repairs. 😦

And then my Crockpot took a hit. R.I.P., the VERY NEXT DAY….

But with all that distraction I missed something SUPER HUGE that was happening, and it wasn’t until last Tuesday  when I was shopping with my mom that I was like!  I need to share this.

I tell about ALL my God moments in this business, I can’t leave this one out.

God helped us to take a $20 bill and turn it into something more than I ever thought possible.  He has now ALSO allowed for Bath Bombs to stay in production ALL WINTER LONG.


This is a portion of an email I shared with our Pastors wife! She had heard I had given my testimony the night before at our churches Kingdom Ambassadors meeting.

Yes! I felt compelled to share, because it was completely a God thing. So to set it up (the story) I had carpel tunnel in my left (minimal) and right wrists something fierce. And on the Friday before the first KA (Kingdom Ambassadors) I was opening a door at the Elementary School and completely smashed my hand. The pain went from my palm of my right hand to the wrist all the way to the bottom of my neck. The damage was so bad I couldn’t put a pony tail in Ruby’s hair. I couldn’t wrap soap…Tie a bow. I was left with my left hand also not 100% but at least I didn’t drop things.

Saturday was my consultant meeting at the store and I had it bandaged up, and I let all the ladies know how badly I was injured and I was going to call Monday for an exam. and to look into scheduling a surgery. I told them the recovery time is 2-3 weeks so hopefully it doesn’t screw up the holidays but we may need to pull certain products because I just can’t make them. Namely Bath bombs. And I see people’s uncertainty a.k.a panic set it. Everyone handles it well….and they know about the pain because I’ve had to slow production of bath bombs in the summer when I hurt the same hand earlier.

So Sunday, at KA, during that time of healing prayer at the end, I didn’t get up, because all places were filled, but I sat in my chair and I held my wrist and prayed “Lord, I need this gone. WE can not afford a surgery financially or the time off. I need complete healing in your name…I believe this business is your will, but to continue I need to be healed completely. Because our snowball is just getting started, and it could be gone in a minute, .and I repeat, repeat and repeat…we are dismissed and I go home.

At some point on Monday I realized I HAVE COMPLETE RANGE OF MOTION> no pain. Tuesday. Same….but I am SO distracted.. We are being attacked by the devil left and right financially, and it was exhausting.

Finally like a week later, when the attacks subside….someone on my team asked how my wrist was? Was I going to have to discontinue the Bath Bombs because they were going to stock up if I was going in for surgery. ( I promise….They like me for more than just bath bombs.) 🙂

And my reply was…If I told you God completely heal my wrist last Sunday because I prayed for it would you believe me? And she LOL-ed…and said so we are keeping bath bombs???

I told a few more people on my team and then last Tuesday when I was shopping with my mom I told her and she was like BLOWN away and so I was like…THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME. I probably shouldn’t keep it a secret…So when they asked for volunteers, last night I was like “I think am supposed to share” So I did. (which is SUPER SCARY for me)

Its been a month. I have NO pain So I am proclaiming complete healing in God’s name! And I prayed for one wrist, BUT my left’s not bothered me at all either BONUS! So BATH BOMBS FOR EVERYONE this holiday season! 🙂 Praise God!

Can you believe I almost missed something THIS HUGE?!  But that is what the Devil does.

Distracts and Attacks.

We serve a BIG GOD, who does amazing and BIG things. I am proud to be called His daughter and I’m proud to share this story of his goodness in our business! And in the good humored response from my pastor’s wife!  Praise God from whom all Bath Bombs Flow. Which totally needs to be a hashtagged!

Living out His will for our lives, one day at a time.




Fall is in FULL SWING

This month we welcome in our FALL SCENTS and HOLIDAY products!
It’s not fall at Hilltop until the HONEY and Spice is in full swing productions!

Hilltop’s Honey and Spice makes everything NICE! There are many things you probably didn’t know honey could do, so I’ll tell you. Honey is LOADED with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse, and hydrate the body, it decreases the appearances of scars, is anti-inflammatory, and the hydration revives skin cells. Honey also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that will kill the bacteria that can lead to breakouts. Say goodbye to acne, and hello beautiful skin!

Honey and Spice Square Bar $4 or 3 for $10vipoct

And of course we have would have a PUMPKIN product for fall!  Pumpkin Goatmeal is a great soap to have! Not only is Pumpkin a great moisturizer, but it is rich in Vitamin A that will soften your skin. Is also known help clear acne!

Goat milk soap is very mild and has the closest PH level to our skin. It help to reduces skin inflammation, and even sooths dry and damaged skin.

Our Pumpkin GLUTEN FREE Goatmeal (the only gluten free goatmeal BTW) a great gift for everyone.  Especially when it comes ‘round Thanksgiving!  Both of these soaps are in HIGH demand EVERY fall, so we are always very excited to bring them back into rotation.  You will find BOTH of these square bars in our Hilltop | Square Bar 3pk!


Our Third FALL scent is our Vanilla Butter Nut!  This AMAZING NEW scent is going to be in available in Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, and Fizzy Salts!!!  This warm and nutty flavoring oil is sure to please!  It’s like a bath in Werther’s Original Candy!  Everyone in our VIP got to try one of our freshly handmade bath bombs.  They are always such a treat!

IT’s BACK this is not a TRICK!!!!!

BODY BUTTER is OFFICALLY back, so you know we had to come out with a new scent! Our Mango Shea Peppermint is our same great blend of oils and butters, with the addition of Peppermint Essential oil!

BODY BUTTER-Group-1.jpg

Mango Shea not only smells AMAZING, but it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and E! It has SO many uses! It softens, soothes, and moisturizing the skin while protecting it from harmful UV radiation Mango Shea Body butter may also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps fight dry skin, and eczema!  You will love the peppermint essential oil because it is known to brighten the skins complexion and help with acne, and the aromatics will help to lift your mood!

BODY BUTTER-Mango Shea Peppermint-1.jpg


It’s it great!  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be a VIP?  Recently one of our VIP-er filled out a #Show Us Your Hilltop form and included this months VIP as her image!!!



Sadie Whaley Papillion, Nebraska

I use Hilltop soaps during showers and shaving. My four boys loves all the scents and use the soaps as well! I use Hilltop lotion everday! My boys have taken the Hilltop hand sanitizers to school and everyone loves using them. My favorite Hilltop Design product is the lip balm. It makes my lip so soft and smooth.
What Hilltop product(s) are in your purse/pockets/backpack right now? 
Lip balm and lavender lotion
What Hilltop product(s) do you want to try that you already haven’t?
Bath bombs. I will be trying one because I received it in the October VIP package!!
If you could only have one Hilltop product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Life time supply of the shaving bar. Makes me not break-out and leaves my legs and under arms silky smooth!


Thank you SO MUCH Sadie!  A GREAT thing about our VIP is that it puts products in your hands that you might not think to try! Maybe you don’t need it…or think you wont like it!  As a VIP member, you’ll NEVER have to wonder…because you will get to try SO MANY NEW THINGS!!!

We only have ONE MORE VIP for 2016 and we plan to end strong!

Until next month….

Enjoy the Fall Scents,


Renae Anson! Show us your HILLTOP

Renae is sad because this is our Chamomile bar.  Chamomile is limited edition and will not be back until NEXT SUMMER. Totally worth crying over.
Renae Anson from, Delton, Michigan
Tell us a little bit about your Hilltop routine:
I wash my face with the charcoal bar. Wash up with the chamomile bar, shave with the shave bar, use original balm on my legs, and remove my make up with the original balm. And I also use the lip balm. I also use the original balm in the ends of my hair.
What Hilltop product(s) are in your purse/pockets/backpack right now? 
Deodorant and cherry summertime lip balm
What Hilltop product(s) do you want to try that you already haven’t?
Scrubs, FS coffee bar, and so many other products!
If you could only have one Hilltop product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I don’t think I can choose only one. I absolutely love the chamomile square bar, but my legs are so much better since I started using the shave bar, and original balm on my legs. I don’t ever get razor burn any more!
#showusyourhilltop #howihilltop
**Disclaimer- Renae is also a consultant!  You can be too. Join our waiting list today.  Head to THIS link —>
Fill out the form.  We would LOVE TO HAVE YOU join us on this adventure!
Would you like a chance to win a HD prize pack?  Fill out this form and wait to see if you make the blog!

Show Us Your Hilltop

We are in love with you guys!  Our hearts over flow with the fun stuff you tell us about our products and how much YOU love them.  So Jillian, our graphic designer/photographer/sticker guru had a campaign idea that would let the WORLD know how much you love your Hilltop!  If you share you just might get chosen to “win” a fancy HD gift pack.

So Jillian:  Show us your HILLTOP!


Tell     us     a     little     bit     about     your     Hilltop     routine.

I’m     a     diehard     fan     of     Hilltop     products.     I     had     always     kept     some     square     bars     around     the     house,     but     I  got     curious     about     the     cold­processed     soaps     and     the     scrubs,     especially     because     I     was     having  issues     with     patches     of     dry,     irritated     skin.     The     first     time     I     washed     my     face     with     the     coconut     oil     bar,     I  was     hooked.     My     skin     had     never     felt     that     soft!     I     like     to     rotate     From     Scratch     bars     to     keep     my     face  squeaky     clean.     (The     Activated     Charcoal     bar     and     the     Goat’s     Milk     bar     are     next     to     my     sink     right  now!)     At     least     twice     a     week,     I     use     one     of     the     sugar     scrubs     to     exfoliate     and     moisturize     my     face.     I  had     sworn     my     allegiance     to     Sweet     Citrus,     but     recently     the     Peppermint     Scrub     stole     my     heart.     I     also  love     using     the     Original     Balm     at     night     for     some     serious     hydration.

What     Hilltop     product(s)     are     in     your     purse/pockets/backpack     right     now?  Right     now,     three     things:     a     tube     of     Lemon     Drop     lip     balm;     the     two     ounce     tin     of     Olive     Oil     &     Orange  Balm     (it     saves     my     hands     during     the     winter     and     gives     me     a     chance     to     keep     my     cuticles     soft!);     and  the     10mL     small     tin     of     Olive     Oil     Lip     Balm,     which     I     totally     use     on     my     face     too     because     it’s     the     perfect  size     for     traveling.

What     Hilltop     product(s)     do     you     want     to     try     that     you     already     haven’t?  I’ve     only     used     the     whipped     body     butter,     so     I’m     super     curious     about     the     texture     of     the     original  version!     I     think     that     Mango     Shea     Peppermint (SPOILER ALERT **SPOILER ALERT**)    sounds     like     an     amazing     scent.     I     also     really     need     to  buy     a     bar     of     the     Cedar     &     Sandalwood     soap,     because     that     list     of     ingredients     sounds     phenomenal.  ( And sorry Jillian, you’ll have to wait until next year. The Cedar and Sandalwood, from Sept VIP is already SOLD OUT)

If     you     could     only     have     one     Hilltop     product     for     the     rest     of     your     life,     what     would     it     be?  Don’t     make     me     choose!     If     I     had     to     pick,     I     think     I     would     keep     the     Peppermint     Sugar     Scrub.     I     love  the     fresh,     clean     scent,     and     it     leaves     my     skin     feeling     so     soft,     smooth,     and     hydrated.     But     I     have     so  many     favorites     that     I     would     be     lost     if     I     had     to     pick     just     one!

THANK YOU JILLIAN!  Do you love it?  Some times its HARD to know what to buy.  Most of you are shopping on line, so I LOVE that we have FRIENDS, and Consultants to give suggestions!

How can you get in on this fun?

Be sure to add an image! As we will use this info across our social media platforms.  You can expect to see your info under these hashtags #showmeyourhilltop #thisishowihilltop.

FUN STUFF!  Seeya all in a little over a week for OCTOBER’s release day!!!!! 🙂






September Surprises

vip-2016-09-september (if you would like your OWN newsletter!🙂 Click here!)





PS.  Don’t forget about our event on Saturday!  We will be hosting an evening of shopping at our HDHQ.  From 5:00pm- 8:00pm come and shop Amy’s LuLaRoe , Hoola with Deb.  My Friends Amy Jo of 7 hearts design and Jillian of Jillian VanZytveld Photography, and a few more will have things on display!  Join us for our FIRST shopping Saturday of the fall.

AND don’t forget HDHQ is now open to the public for shopping on MONDAY’s from 8am-8pm!  Come and start your week of right, by shopping at HDHQ!


20160123-Hilltop B-362

Do you DIY? WE DO!!

At Hilltop, we have a BUNCH of women who LOVE to repurpose and DIY and CRAFT!

As you know from last weeks #hdbehindthescenes, I’m on Pinterest A LOT. Always looking for inspiration.  Today we had a fun chat about our Balm and Sunscreen Tins in our consultant group.  That conversation lead to rabbit trails about the best soap holders, Meijer has great plastic ones for .99 cents. Dutch Tupperware and the fact that there truly ARE many uses for our cute little tins.

That convo reminded me of this:

Back when we had our products in the cute Ball Jars…


Way back when, we created a Pinterest board called : What to do with all of those Hilltop Jars!

It has GREAT DIY and organizing tips! So when today’s convo happened, I knew we should start a collaboration board for the TINS.  Because Seriously, I know you are getting a stock pile of these cuties!

LOTION BAR-Group-3.jpg
Hilltop Lotion Bar Tins

The Board has been created! A few HD Consultants will be collaborating with me again on this board and it is SURE to fill up with some GREAT ideas!

Not a crafter? No problem, there are a few OTHER boards that may interest you as well!

Maybe you are growing your own small business, we have a board for that.

 Maybe you want to see DIY beauty can skin care ideas! We have a board for that.:)

Or maybe you are like me and are obsessed with Color Combos and Weaving!

Weaving!!! I know, I have a board for that too!!!!

Join us on Pinterest!!  You never know where you’ll find inspiration!

Happy Creating,




SUMMER FAVORITES: August 2016 Product Release DAY!

Summer Favorites

Our last month of summer brings TWO square bar favorites Hilltop’s Carrot and Cucumber and Triple Berry Smoothie.

SQUARE BAR-Triple Berry Smoothie-2

This is our 3rd summer with Triple Berry smoothie and if you LOVE our Goatmeal bars, you’ll love this!, it is a great little soap made with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. ALL of the seeds in these bars provide lite exfoliating with our classic Goats Milk Base Moisturizing Power.

SQUARE BAR-Carrot & Cucumber-2

Why you will love our Carrot and Cucumber soap?! It is a scent free soap that will calm and strengthen your skin’s cells. This soap is made with a Carrot Glycerin Base. Then just the perfect amount of Carrot seed oil is added to help in the rejuvenation of your skin. I also wanted to add the pureed cucumber for how well it can help in treating dry, chapped and burnt skin. If you have blemishes on your skin and want to try a FUN DIY MASK?!?

TRY THIS:    Hilltop’s DIY Carrot Mask.

One to two carrots, 1 TBS of honey, 2 cucumber slices. 1 tsp of Olive oil for dry skin, leave out if you have oily skin. Wash and peel your carrots.   Boil and Mash Carrots, add honey and oil (if needed to pack extra punch). You can keep it warm if you like, but please, cool it some as they were just boiling minutes ago. OUCH!

Apply to face and add cucumber slices to your eyelids. Then relax and let your all natural face make go to work! The carrots will help in skin cell rebuilding and toning, leaving you with fresh youthful skin. And those Cucumber on your eyes are reducing puffy-ness and getting rid of that “old tired look”

DRY MASK-Group-5

And do you LOVE MASKS! There is one right in your VIP! I am bringing it to you a month early, because the weather has been so HOT I knew this one would survive transit. Our NEW Sea Kelp and Spinach Dry mask is PERFECT for “Normal” skin types. I LOVE how the clay firms and tightens my skin. Our of the three, this one is my personal fav.


DRY MASK-Spinach & Sea Kelp-2

So what’s so good about this mask?  How is different?

It’s our first CLAY mask!  This mask is made with Bentonite Clay, Dry Milk, Sea Kelp and Spinach Powder!

Bentonite Clay is a natural detoxifier for the skin, great for treating acne and shrinking pores.

The Dry Milk helps to repair and moisturize.

Sea Kelp is often used in skin care products. It’s great for repairing and rejuvenating the skin. Seaweed is also an anti-inflammatory and packs a punch on acne. Seaweed, when applied to the body, draws excess fluid and waste products from the skin.  Seaweed is SUPER POWERFUL!!!!  As much as it grosses me out when I’m swimming…I think it’s pretty darn neat for natural skin care.

Spinach Powder is also affective in acne prevention when it is applied to the skin.  For a fun SPINACH mask, take the recipe above and substitute spinach for the carrots! Fun!

FIZZY SALTS-Clear Your Mind-2

Clear Your Mind Fizzy salts is a delightful blend of EO that will have you relaxed, and energized at the same time.  So if you are feeling a little Frazzled?  “Summer’s out” and “School’s almost in” have you racing?

Relax!!!! And give yourself a HD SPA DAY! Draw a bath, toss in the new Clear Your Mind Fizzy salts in this apply our new mask, grab a magazine, glass of wine, ect. and enjoy.  Wash up with either of the new Square Bars. You and your skin will feel amazing.

And remember….Enjoy the summer we have left! Because next month…. SCHOOLS IN!!!!

Happy Creating



for the moment

JULY 2016
Powerful Products
Are you ready for some POWERFUL Essential OILS?  All of the products this month feature Essential Oils with outstanding healing properties.
The From Scratch Coconut Oil Tea Tree Soap is first up in our newsletter.  Our Tea tree oil in the is soap is from Australia. Did you know that bathing regularly with tea tree oil soap can diminish the bacteria that can lead to body odor? It is also powerful enough to control blemishes but not too harsh and drying! Its fresh crisp scent can be enjoyed every day!
I thought that THIS was a great article on Tea Tree Essential Oil and its benefits!  Check it out!
I love our new bug bar. It is a second sunscreen lotion bar but I have added a powerful blend of essential oils to combat BUGS even better than before.  Our BUG bar is a blend of Lavender, Geranium, Cedar wood and Lemon Eucalyptus that I think you are really going to enjoy!  As usual our Sunscreen made with Zinc Oxide giving you 20-30 broad spectrum SPF!  Protect your skin from sun and skeeters!
When you are SHOPPING today ALL of our lotion bars can now be found TOGETHER in ONE item listing!.
Did you like our MORNING MIX Scrub from this spring??  Then you’ll like this month’s square bar!  Simply called Grapefruit and Mint, this soap is Just what you need in the morning to add a little pizzazz in your step!  Pink grapefruit Essential oil is one of my favorite scents and the MINT came FRESH from my own personal herb garden!  Don’t wait to enjoy this great bar of soap!  It’s ONLY being made in the month of JULY!  So when they are gone, they are GONE!
And Finally, because of the POWER this VIP delivers, I know you need a way to relax, so I have included a beautiful calming bag of Dye FREE Chamomile bath salts.  Help to easy away your nerves and anxiety in a calming but powerful way!
Why should you check out Chamomile?  Check out this Dr. Axe article on Chamomile.
Here is what our VIP contained THIS month.  SUCH a great value.  To get in for AUGUST Click HERE!
  July VIP 2016
Coconut Oil Tea Tree $1.50/oz
The BUG BAR $7.00
Dye-Free Chamomile
Bath Salts $4.00
Grapefruit & Mint
$4.00 or 3 for $10
Happy Creating

June 2016 releases! And Mays…and Maybe Aprils…

Oh My.  There is only so much one person can do. AND #bigfail on my part with our blog.

I guess the bright side about the kiddos waking up at 6:00am on our first day of summer is that I’m going use this time to FINALLY update this guy.  For all my faithful readers.😉

Let’s “reader digest” April and May.  And if the product is out of stock already do you want to know about it?!


No, I’ll leave those out, you can be surprised about them next year if we re-release them.

Here’s APRIL

LEMONGRASS Lotion, Bath Gel AND Lemongrass Square Bar.


How long have we waited for this scent!?!  It’s big, I know.  Lemongrass essential oil can be attributed to its many beneficial properties as an analgesic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, and fungicidal.  And HELLO! Smells amazing just like lemons; only a little milder with a pinch of fresh cut grass. 

This month you will get you enjoy this EO in our All-Natural Organic Lotion Base and Gel. As well as in our Olive Oil Glycerin square bar.  

Our Final Product is our Himalayan Sea Salt Square Bar.  I just LOVE this soft pink color and the Jasmine EO as the scent!  I’m thinking this will be a MUST have for moms.  Himalayan sea salt is known for it’s a pink color because it’s rich in 84 essential minerals and vitamins, including naturally occurring iodine. Sprinkling Himalayan Salt into your bath has been touted to offer detoxifying benefits, stimulate circulation, and soothe sore muscles.  So, No time for a bath?  No problem.  Just use this bar of soap and reap all of the same benefits.

Ok, I lied. I am already sold out of the Himalayan Sea Salt Square bar.  BUT I wanted to mention it because I’m tossing another big batch down this weekend, for a customer.  This will briefly made a “re appearance”  So grab one while you can it is LOVELY!

And MAY:.


Our HIGHLY anticipated release of our Brand New Margarita scrub is HERE ~ This one is ALL about the aromatics and enjoy you will love the benefits of the Epsom Salt.  When I built the structure of this scrub I pulled out my favorite Margarita recipe and the result is PERFECTION in a jar. To prove my point.  Use this drink recipe to make yourself a Margarita, soak your feet in the scrub and enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY!

Christine’s Favorite Margaritas: 6oz Frozen Limeade, 6oz Tequila, 2oz Triple Sec Serve over ice or blend with ice!  Salt the rim of glass, pour and enjoy!

Next is a NEW BALM! Introduce our BEARD BALM!  This stuff works ridiculously well! Our Testers are hook!  All Bearded Men agree!  But wait.  What if you have no beard…What are you going to do with this cool product.

beard balm.jpg

No worries. 1 you can share with your Bearded Friends. Or TWO -> you can enjoy it for all of THESE reasons: In this Balm you have; Beeswax:  Good for SPF 4-6. Coconut Oil: 1,000 reason to love Coconut Oil. Shea Butter is anti-aging. Almond oil is a deeper moisturizer. Jojoba Oil is great for Acne and other blemishes. Our EO blend in this is cypress, rosewood and lime a great fresh clean scent.

Thing to note since this released…..a LOT of people have been using this as an AFTERSHAVE TOO!!!!  Not more bumps or breakouts for men AND WOMEN!  WE are clearing faces from blemishes with this one people! ;)  It’s SO great for more than just BEARDS!  and it smells good too!.

With ALL of these new products we ALSO had 2 more great months in sales.  I’m just BLOWN away with the success of our team.  And for a team of non recruiting recruiters.  We had 8 new people join us!  AND in APRIL we had our VERY first Consultant Training meeting.  We had 22 people attend.  These are just a few beautiful faces!  I can not wait until September when we do it again!


SO HERE we are!!! JUNE!

And its PRODUCT release day!  Whooot Whooot!


June is ALL about Protecting the Skin ….. with our ZINC STICK!

zinc .jpg

The Ingredient blend for this NEW product similar to our Sunscreen Lotion Bar. Making this GREAT for protecting your skin from the damaging sun rays.  The Zinc Oxide will provide you with 20-30 SPF! If you love our sunscreen, but hate it all over your hands, this may be the perfect way to apply it at the beach!  

What ELSE would this product be good for?  Baby bottoms!!!!  Think Natural Destin!  Bad diaper rash, no problem, use this stick for EXTRA protection on the bottoms! 

Our Newest Lippy is VEGAN!  It is our First and ONLY LIP BALM sans Beeswax.  The main ingredient holding this together is Cocoa Butter.  Cocoa butter is great for repairing skin cells.   I liked the light chocolate natural scent so I kept this lippy TRUE to the raw material used.  The Other ingredients in this balm are Olive oil and Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil.


This blend is also available in a tin for $3.00.  <— is my preferred method with this particular balm because it gets pretty glossy but the shine on your lips!  To Die FOR!

It’s been a month or two since our Last from Scratch SOAP and our newest one is our LIMTED EDITION Charcoal Soap.  Get those nasty toxins out of those PORES!  Spend all day out in the sun?  Grab a bar of this soap and you will feel SO VERY CLEAN.  Enjoy the bentonite Clay for light exfoliation, activated charcoal to clean out those pores and its invigorating spearmint scent!


And it’s JUST NOT SUMMER until the Patriotic bath bomb is released!  WE are proudly made in the USA in Martin MI. Our Pina Colada bath bombs are one fine example of the beauty of HANDMADE!  Each one is uniquely crafted and not one bath bomb is the same!




There you go, three months in a nut shell!

I guess we can all thank my kiddos for an early wake up. Hang out with us on Facebook today because I will be LIVE at some point chatting it up about ALL of our new JUNE products and you never know who may make a video bomb appearance.  Because its LIVE!  and lots of fun!  I’m thinking around 3:00ish EST…so plan your day accordingly! ;)  lol!

Thanks for following along on the blog!