**March 2017** 4 New Products 4 You

It’s our BIRTHDAY MONTH! A lot of people use the phrase March Madness and are referring to basketball, but here at Hilltop, when we say MARCH MADNESS we are talking about the insane amount of goodies and products we are about to give away! IT’S MADNESS! Here is glimpse of what’s to come in the next few weeks! (Be sure to follow along on ALL of our social media outlets; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat will all have giveaways!) For hosts, we have DOUBLE HOST DOLLARS if you have a party with one of our amazing consultants. Because we love our customers so much, we will be giving away a FREE 3 MONTH VIP MEMBERSHIP the weekend we release our new design book!!! Follow along for your chance to win.

But you are practically a winner already because you have FIRST crack and trying all four of our new products and if you LOVE them, be sure to stock up on them this month. This is our fourth year releasing our famous HONEY GOATMEAL SPLIT SQUARE BAR. It is our ONLY layered bar of soap, and this is the ONLY month you can buy it. The best way to describe this soap is to say if you LOVE the Honey Kiwigranate and you LOVE the benefits of Vanilla Goatmeal…you will NEED THIS BAR. It’s a blend of BOTH! Who doesn’t love a two-for-one?!
Next up is our first TONER. What do you use a toner for? Toners are used to cleanse the skin, minimize pores, even skin tone, and refresh. Our toner is made with SAGE. The sage herb can help reduce the signs of aging, like wrinkles and fine lines. It’s great for oily skin and possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to help with acne. Sage is also known to help soothe the symptoms of eczema…if you have an itch, give it a spray! To use this toner you can spray directly on your face or onto a cotton ball. It’s great for using after moisturizing and under your makeup.
You’ll also enjoy a new FROM SCRATCH SOAP in a familiar scent. Our SWEET CITRUS was one of the first essential oil blends I perfected for Hilltop. You can find it in our Citrus lotion, our number-one selling Sweet Citrus scrub, and NOW in a From Scratch soap! I think you will LOVE the way this soap bubbles, gently exfoliates, and invigorates the senses. (For less than $25 you can have the perfect Citrus bundle!)
Lastly, I’m excited to introduce a new DEODORANT scent. Since its release, our Cypress deodorant has been loved by many. While it was made to be gentle on the armpits, it has SUPER strength to stand up to life’s most stressful moments. Because of the success of our BALANCE essential oil blend released in January, and the deodorant properties of patchouli, adding this blend to our “gray deodorant recipe” seemed like a natural thing to do. Patchouli is known to eliminate and mask body odor, all while removing toxins. I think you are going to love the sweet scent of the blood orange and the spice of the ginger root that brings this blend full circle.


That’s all for March Madness! We will be back in May with a brand new VIP! Happy creating, Christine

February: Bringing TONS of Moisture

February is a month where we need moisture the MOST.

We also need the sun, as we have just completed a RECORD here in Michigan for the most cloudy days in a row at eight. While we can’t control if we will see the sun on any given day, we CAN control how we care for our skin, and in these dry winter months we need extra moisture (and LOTS of it!). This month we’re bringing you an oldie and a goodie and TWO new scents chosen just for you by your favorite Hilltop Consultants.


Our CHOCOLATE MILK SQUARE BAR is back for year #3. People love this bar because it is made with our famous goat’s milk base. Because it is made with only goat’s milk base and cocoa powder, you can have a fine exfoliation and enjoy its gluten-free qualities. Have you missed our Smelly Soap? This is a grown-up version. It smells like a real chocolate bar, so be sure to remind your littles that while it is made with chocolate, it is not going to TASTE like chocolate! This limited edition bar will be gone before you know it, so as a VIP member you get to try it right away and then you’ll want to buy a few more bars on February 10. Get some before it is SOLD OUT!


Our next product is a second scent in our super popular lotion bar. I love to include our team of consultants as much as I can in the product development phase, as they are the people who share Hilltop with their friends the most! I listed a few options and we took a vote on what scent they would like to see opposite our grapefruit-scented Lotion Bar. The winner of our first Consultant Choice Scent was our Clear Your Mind essential oil blend. This amazing combination of lavender, peppermint and lime will awaken your senses and bring you clarity each time you moisturize. Enjoy your LIMITED EDITION CLEAR YOUR MIND LOTION BAR! 🙂


Our last new release is also a Consultant Choice Scent! I’m super excited about this one because I personally LOVE this combo. I’m not sure if you remember our Morning Mix Scrub from last February, but this is the same blend: say hello to our GRAPEFRUIT & MINT COCOSHEA BUTTER. These two scents paired so nicely with the chocolate notes in the CocoShea. Now, why did we need to do a butter?! Well, our time is coming to the end for the butters. Our butters are a seasonal item and while we LOVE the butters…they do not like heat. In about 6-8 weeks we will no longer be able to ship them to certain areas of the country, so get them while you can and don’t forget to order this seasonal product while we have it in stock!


Next month is MARCH MADNESS! Get in touch with your consultant TODAY to book your party, as ALL host rewards are DOUBLED. Can’t wait until March? Contact your consultant today and start earning FREE STUFF!


Until March!

Happy creating, Christine

Dusting off the Blog for a new installment of SHOW ME YOUR HILLTOP!!!

I think this may actually be my first post of the new year. As soon as the holiday season wrapped up we jumped right into our final prep for our Maker’s Mart competition.  I can’t wait to tell you all about that experience!  We have a NEW PRODUCT release coming on FRIDAY so I will update the blog with THOSE products and new items from last month. So I have TONS and TONS to write about.

In our Consultant Group, Team members are sharing incredible stories about how their dry winter skin has never felt better, and I thought yesterday we need to Shake off the dust and bring you another installment of “Show ME your HILLTOP!”

So Kelly L. from Otsego, MI Start us off right!

Tell us a little bit about your Hilltop routine.
Every day I use a goat’s milk soap bar in the shower. It leaves my skin moisturized for 24 hours. I used to be super dry, especially on my legs. I would tear my legs up itching them at night. It would leave awful scratch marks. My mom has the same issue. I no longer itch, after starting Hilltop products. I have known about Hilltop now for almost a year in December. I’m seriously in love with their products. My daughter also suffers from moderate to severe eczema, and she has benefited greatly from the goat’s milk square bars, the coconut, tea tree & lavender stick balms. We love the lotion bar and shampoo bar as well. We also love love love love the Hilltop lippys. The best lip balm on this planet, hands down. Our favorite is the coconut summertime. We are also in love with the new eye serum. AH-amazing stuff!
What Hilltop product(s) are in your purse/pockets/backpack right now?
Right now I have the summertime lippys, the cherry summertime lippys, and the coconut balm tin on hand.
What Hilltop product(s) do you want to try that you already haven’t?
I want to try the bath bomb. We love the fizzy salts, and really excited to try the bath bomb next!
If you could only have one Hilltop product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I would say either the lip balm or the goat’s milk soap. I couldn’t pick just one. Not even possible!
Thank you SO much KELLY we love that you love Hilltop!  Watch for your goodie box to arrive in the mail!
We want to hear what you are loving about Hilltop!
Click on the link below to share your experience, and if you are chosen you may get your very own box of goodies as a thank you!
Stick with us Friday on Facebook, you will LOVE our new stuff!  An oldie is returning and 2 new amazing moisturizers!

Have you ever seen anything so marvelous?

Last week Saturday we had so many consultants working their #hilltophustle and selling some soap!  All day long, in my news feed BEAUTIFUL tables appeared. Each uniquely different. Each table designed by a different consultant!  Don’t we have some amazing team members?!!? Are they not MARVELOUS????

Would you like to check some tables out in PERSON?  This weekend we have several consultants working their #hilltophustle AGAIN!

You can Shop Hilltop November 19th @

**Hilltop Designs Headquarters from 9:00-4:00 (LuLaRoe will be there from 11-3)

**Consultants Jamie and Darcy will be at Allendale High School for their annual craft show. For more info head to their Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/317323665293657/?ti=icl

**Sarah C, from Albion MI will be at the Springport Craft Show.  To check out this event head to https://www.facebook.com/events/1768036056773382/?ti=icl

**National Director Meigen is out and about too!  You can find her at the St Mary’s Visitation Home Party and Craft Expo, right here in Hopkins!  https://www.facebook.com/events/1763455177239773/?ti=cl

And Director Lindsey will be at the MWC Vendor Fair and Business Showcase in ILLINOIS! She will be hosting a table at Monee Elementary School! From 9-1!

That’s a Wrap! Another year of releases on the blog!


Sleigh bells ring…are you listening? In the lane…snow is glistening. a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight…We are RELEASING OUR LAST PRODUCTS of the year!!!!!
We made it another FULL year at Hilltop! Thank you so much for being a part of our monthly releases and reading our blog. I’m so THRILLED to put these products together for you every month.

Our 2016 Scent for the Holidays is MINT! There is something about the crisp cool scent that reminds people of winter. Maybe is the cool way that it makes you feel, or how it invigorates you, or a childhood memory of candy canes. We just love the scent and the products it’s in, so let me introduce you to a few new winter friends.

Our Holiday square bar MINTY MILK is here again. This square bar, made with our goat’s milk base, peppermint essential oil, and mint leaves from my home garden, is very relaxing. There is just a dab of vanilla added to this bar to mellow out the intensity of the peppermint. Something that you may not know about this bar is that it is also good for pets. Did you know that washing your dog or cat with peppermint oil soap is a good way to get rid of fleas, dandruff, and other hair and skin conditions? Me either! Too fancy for Fido? No worries. Human will love this too. Peppermint has a cooling effect on the skin, brightens dull skin, and improves oily skin. It’s a perfect remedy for those suffering from acne.

So about those skin irritations…are you worried about a cold sore creeping up on you this winter? Grab the PEPPERMINT BALM in a HUGE 8oz TIN and do a quick spot treatment. Hit those problem spots before bed; it will help the inflamed areas. Also in Lavender and Orange Olive Oil.  These Giant Balms are great for gifts and only here for the holidays!  Get one before they are gone!

Speaking of the holidays -> that means WINTER DRY SKIN. Let’s pamper those hands with our PEPPERMINT LOTION. Our Hilltop lotion base is 100% natural and organic. Keep this in your purse or backpack for an aromatic and moisturizing pick-me-up.  Your lips will need a little extra moisturizing this winter, too!

Last but not least, one of my favorite products to date. (okay, okay, I know I say that every time, but THIS time I’m for real.) Let me tell you about the idea. I was searching for inspiration on Pinterest as I normally do and I was in the cookies section…because inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE….and I love cookies. I saw this recipe for millionaires cookies. (You know, the cookies that have a little bit of everything in them, and they are soooo good. super simple too!) I thought, “That could be a soap!” literally take every ingredient we have, hodpodge it together, and voila! an amazing bar of soap that is just as amazing as the cookie. You are going to love our From Scratch MILLIONAIRE’S Bar!


We are finishing off the year with a new scrub too!  Check out our Cinnamon Scrub.  This scrub is made with Epsom Salt, and Hawaiian Red Sea Salt, Olive oil and Coconut oil and Ground Cinnamon! For all you Cinnamon lovers you are going to dig this salt scrub!

And Really quick….I thought would share with you a COOKIE recipe for Millionaire Cookies!  You will LOVE THEM!  We all know at SOME point this holiday season you will need to bake a treat.  So here you go, keep this recipe handy.

Christine’s Millionaire Cookies!  (and you better find a million friends because this makes a loT.)
2 eggs  **  1 cup of butter 1tsp baking soda  ** 1 cup brown sugar  ** 1 cup sugar  ** 2 cups flour  **  1/2 tsp salt  **  2.5 cups of oatmeal  ** 1/2 cup of nuts  **   1/2 cup of coconut flakes ** 2 Hershey bars (chunked up)  **   1/2 cup of white chocolate chips   **  1/2 cup of chocolate chips **
Cream together, butter, both sugars, eggs and vanilla. In separate bowl, mix flour, powdered oats, salt, and baking powder. mix creamed and dry ingredients, adding chocolate chips, melted chocolate bar, and coconut flakes and nuts; mix well. scoop out small (golf ball size or smaller) amounts of dough on an ungreased cookie sheet, and bake at 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes or until browned

How cool would it be if I had MADE a batch of these FOR this blog post!?! Man, the good ideas come too late.  Maybe next week.

RIGHT NOW…we are playing memory and getting prepped for our FINAL release day of the year!  #hdbehindthescenes20161111_084625_001.jpg

I hope you ALL have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, and while we don’t do anything “BIG” for Black Friday, please join us on Small Business Saturday and the BIG party on CYBER MONDAY!




Kristen!!! Show Us Your HILLTOP!

Who’s ready for another installment of #SHOWUSYOURHILLTOP ???  Look at the lovely basket of goodies! I’m sure you may be wondering is this another consultant?!?!
Nope! This is  just a  REALLY GREAT customer, who loves Hilltop stuff and LOVES supporting her friend Amanda’s new business.
Facebook and our website make this an easy for Kristen to do!  You see, Kristen and Amanda live over 1300 miles apart, but thanks to Facebook parties and our website, reaching friends who are far away has never been easier!
Let’s see why Kristen LOVES Hilltop
Kristen C
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
Tell us a little bit about your Hilltop routine.
My entire family uses the product. Starting with our morning shower….blueberry goatmeal soap in our loofahs and charcoal to wash our face and of course the peppermint sugar scrub for our lips. I use the peppermint lip balm all day especially in cold Pennsylvania. My son takes a bath every night using Kitchen Citrus soap and his loofah along with peppermint smelly salts. And then there is the weekly clear your mind bath salt soak, margarita salt scrub on our feet and charcoal mask. So like I said before we are obsessed.
What Hilltop product(s) are in your purse/pockets/backpack right now? 
In my purse…lotion bar, peppermint lip balm, peppermint lip balm stick, and olive oil balm.
What Hilltop product(s) do you want to try that you already haven’t?
The mango peppermint body Butter and the pumice!!!!! I love all things peppermint.
If you could only have one Hilltop product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Charcoal bar!!!!! But do I really have to pick only one???
Thanks for sharing Kristen!  WE love how you hilltop!
#showusyourhilltop #howihilltop

I almost missed it….

Goodness!!!  You guys, I have to share, the amazing faithfulness of God in this business.
I’m sure you ALL remember our weeks of repeated attacks.  I posted a few times about it on Facebook.  This was how my Monday started. (Luckily THIS Monday was completely the opposite) 😉  But 2 tires later, we had a rolling mini van.
And then THIS POST the NEXT day:

Rough week at the Weber’s! While we are trying to remain postive, its a little touch and go. 😉 if its not vehicles, it’s something else.

So today, it is was a giant power surge that fried our computer, We are finally at this point….9hrs later. I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt attacked, but we are feeling this way. Two expensive truck repairs for Dan last week and a couple new tires for me and now this…all while we make the biggest transition of our life.


But we remain confident in the Lord’s will for our family and believe…this too shall pass, as we continue to pray for His protection and blessings over our household.

And wow! Just now as I write this, we are slowing creaping up finally in percentages! Little victories! We are at 44%! #godisgood! #pleaseletitbefine #familybiz #hdbehindthescenes


The computer never fully recovered and we had to take it in for repairs.  😦

And then my Crockpot took a hit. R.I.P., the VERY NEXT DAY….

But with all that distraction I missed something SUPER HUGE that was happening, and it wasn’t until last Tuesday  when I was shopping with my mom that I was like!  I need to share this.

I tell about ALL my God moments in this business, I can’t leave this one out.

God helped us to take a $20 bill and turn it into something more than I ever thought possible.  He has now ALSO allowed for Bath Bombs to stay in production ALL WINTER LONG.


This is a portion of an email I shared with our Pastors wife! She had heard I had given my testimony the night before at our churches Kingdom Ambassadors meeting.

Yes! I felt compelled to share, because it was completely a God thing. So to set it up (the story) I had carpel tunnel in my left (minimal) and right wrists something fierce. And on the Friday before the first KA (Kingdom Ambassadors) I was opening a door at the Elementary School and completely smashed my hand. The pain went from my palm of my right hand to the wrist all the way to the bottom of my neck. The damage was so bad I couldn’t put a pony tail in Ruby’s hair. I couldn’t wrap soap…Tie a bow. I was left with my left hand also not 100% but at least I didn’t drop things.

Saturday was my consultant meeting at the store and I had it bandaged up, and I let all the ladies know how badly I was injured and I was going to call Monday for an exam. and to look into scheduling a surgery. I told them the recovery time is 2-3 weeks so hopefully it doesn’t screw up the holidays but we may need to pull certain products because I just can’t make them. Namely Bath bombs. And I see people’s uncertainty a.k.a panic set it. Everyone handles it well….and they know about the pain because I’ve had to slow production of bath bombs in the summer when I hurt the same hand earlier.

So Sunday, at KA, during that time of healing prayer at the end, I didn’t get up, because all places were filled, but I sat in my chair and I held my wrist and prayed “Lord, I need this gone. WE can not afford a surgery financially or the time off. I need complete healing in your name…I believe this business is your will, but to continue I need to be healed completely. Because our snowball is just getting started, and it could be gone in a minute, .and I repeat, repeat and repeat…we are dismissed and I go home.

At some point on Monday I realized I HAVE COMPLETE RANGE OF MOTION> no pain. Tuesday. Same….but I am SO distracted.. We are being attacked by the devil left and right financially, and it was exhausting.

Finally like a week later, when the attacks subside….someone on my team asked how my wrist was? Was I going to have to discontinue the Bath Bombs because they were going to stock up if I was going in for surgery. ( I promise….They like me for more than just bath bombs.) 🙂

And my reply was…If I told you God completely heal my wrist last Sunday because I prayed for it would you believe me? And she LOL-ed…and said so we are keeping bath bombs???

I told a few more people on my team and then last Tuesday when I was shopping with my mom I told her and she was like BLOWN away and so I was like…THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME. I probably shouldn’t keep it a secret…So when they asked for volunteers, last night I was like “I think am supposed to share” So I did. (which is SUPER SCARY for me)

Its been a month. I have NO pain So I am proclaiming complete healing in God’s name! And I prayed for one wrist, BUT my left’s not bothered me at all either BONUS! So BATH BOMBS FOR EVERYONE this holiday season! 🙂 Praise God!

Can you believe I almost missed something THIS HUGE?!  But that is what the Devil does.

Distracts and Attacks.

We serve a BIG GOD, who does amazing and BIG things. I am proud to be called His daughter and I’m proud to share this story of his goodness in our business! And in the good humored response from my pastor’s wife!  Praise God from whom all Bath Bombs Flow. Which totally needs to be a hashtagged!

Living out His will for our lives, one day at a time.




Fall is in FULL SWING

This month we welcome in our FALL SCENTS and HOLIDAY products!
It’s not fall at Hilltop until the HONEY and Spice is in full swing productions!

Hilltop’s Honey and Spice makes everything NICE! There are many things you probably didn’t know honey could do, so I’ll tell you. Honey is LOADED with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse, and hydrate the body, it decreases the appearances of scars, is anti-inflammatory, and the hydration revives skin cells. Honey also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that will kill the bacteria that can lead to breakouts. Say goodbye to acne, and hello beautiful skin!

Honey and Spice Square Bar $4 or 3 for $10vipoct

And of course we have would have a PUMPKIN product for fall!  Pumpkin Goatmeal is a great soap to have! Not only is Pumpkin a great moisturizer, but it is rich in Vitamin A that will soften your skin. Is also known help clear acne!

Goat milk soap is very mild and has the closest PH level to our skin. It help to reduces skin inflammation, and even sooths dry and damaged skin.

Our Pumpkin GLUTEN FREE Goatmeal (the only gluten free goatmeal BTW) a great gift for everyone.  Especially when it comes ‘round Thanksgiving!  Both of these soaps are in HIGH demand EVERY fall, so we are always very excited to bring them back into rotation.  You will find BOTH of these square bars in our Hilltop | Square Bar 3pk!


Our Third FALL scent is our Vanilla Butter Nut!  This AMAZING NEW scent is going to be in available in Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, and Fizzy Salts!!!  This warm and nutty flavoring oil is sure to please!  It’s like a bath in Werther’s Original Candy!  Everyone in our VIP got to try one of our freshly handmade bath bombs.  They are always such a treat!

IT’s BACK this is not a TRICK!!!!!

BODY BUTTER is OFFICALLY back, so you know we had to come out with a new scent! Our Mango Shea Peppermint is our same great blend of oils and butters, with the addition of Peppermint Essential oil!

BODY BUTTER-Group-1.jpg

Mango Shea not only smells AMAZING, but it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and E! It has SO many uses! It softens, soothes, and moisturizing the skin while protecting it from harmful UV radiation Mango Shea Body butter may also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, helps fight dry skin, and eczema!  You will love the peppermint essential oil because it is known to brighten the skins complexion and help with acne, and the aromatics will help to lift your mood!

BODY BUTTER-Mango Shea Peppermint-1.jpg


It’s it great!  Wouldn’t you LOVE to be a VIP?  Recently one of our VIP-er filled out a #Show Us Your Hilltop form and included this months VIP as her image!!!



Sadie Whaley Papillion, Nebraska

I use Hilltop soaps during showers and shaving. My four boys loves all the scents and use the soaps as well! I use Hilltop lotion everday! My boys have taken the Hilltop hand sanitizers to school and everyone loves using them. My favorite Hilltop Design product is the lip balm. It makes my lip so soft and smooth.
What Hilltop product(s) are in your purse/pockets/backpack right now? 
Lip balm and lavender lotion
What Hilltop product(s) do you want to try that you already haven’t?
Bath bombs. I will be trying one because I received it in the October VIP package!!
If you could only have one Hilltop product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Life time supply of the shaving bar. Makes me not break-out and leaves my legs and under arms silky smooth!


Thank you SO MUCH Sadie!  A GREAT thing about our VIP is that it puts products in your hands that you might not think to try! Maybe you don’t need it…or think you wont like it!  As a VIP member, you’ll NEVER have to wonder…because you will get to try SO MANY NEW THINGS!!!

We only have ONE MORE VIP for 2016 and we plan to end strong!

Until next month….

Enjoy the Fall Scents,


Renae Anson! Show us your HILLTOP

Renae is sad because this is our Chamomile bar.  Chamomile is limited edition and will not be back until NEXT SUMMER. Totally worth crying over.
Renae Anson from, Delton, Michigan
Tell us a little bit about your Hilltop routine:
I wash my face with the charcoal bar. Wash up with the chamomile bar, shave with the shave bar, use original balm on my legs, and remove my make up with the original balm. And I also use the lip balm. I also use the original balm in the ends of my hair.
What Hilltop product(s) are in your purse/pockets/backpack right now? 
Deodorant and cherry summertime lip balm
What Hilltop product(s) do you want to try that you already haven’t?
Scrubs, FS coffee bar, and so many other products!
If you could only have one Hilltop product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I don’t think I can choose only one. I absolutely love the chamomile square bar, but my legs are so much better since I started using the shave bar, and original balm on my legs. I don’t ever get razor burn any more!
#showusyourhilltop #howihilltop
**Disclaimer- Renae is also a consultant!  You can be too. Join our waiting list today.  Head to THIS link —>
Fill out the form.  We would LOVE TO HAVE YOU join us on this adventure!
Would you like a chance to win a HD prize pack?  Fill out this form and wait to see if you make the blog!

Show Us Your Hilltop

We are in love with you guys!  Our hearts over flow with the fun stuff you tell us about our products and how much YOU love them.  So Jillian, our graphic designer/photographer/sticker guru had a campaign idea that would let the WORLD know how much you love your Hilltop!  If you share you just might get chosen to “win” a fancy HD gift pack.

So Jillian:  Show us your HILLTOP!


Tell     us     a     little     bit     about     your     Hilltop     routine.

I’m     a     diehard     fan     of     Hilltop     products.     I     had     always     kept     some     square     bars     around     the     house,     but     I  got     curious     about     the     cold­processed     soaps     and     the     scrubs,     especially     because     I     was     having  issues     with     patches     of     dry,     irritated     skin.     The     first     time     I     washed     my     face     with     the     coconut     oil     bar,     I  was     hooked.     My     skin     had     never     felt     that     soft!     I     like     to     rotate     From     Scratch     bars     to     keep     my     face  squeaky     clean.     (The     Activated     Charcoal     bar     and     the     Goat’s     Milk     bar     are     next     to     my     sink     right  now!)     At     least     twice     a     week,     I     use     one     of     the     sugar     scrubs     to     exfoliate     and     moisturize     my     face.     I  had     sworn     my     allegiance     to     Sweet     Citrus,     but     recently     the     Peppermint     Scrub     stole     my     heart.     I     also  love     using     the     Original     Balm     at     night     for     some     serious     hydration.

What     Hilltop     product(s)     are     in     your     purse/pockets/backpack     right     now?  Right     now,     three     things:     a     tube     of     Lemon     Drop     lip     balm;     the     two     ounce     tin     of     Olive     Oil     &     Orange  Balm     (it     saves     my     hands     during     the     winter     and     gives     me     a     chance     to     keep     my     cuticles     soft!);     and  the     10mL     small     tin     of     Olive     Oil     Lip     Balm,     which     I     totally     use     on     my     face     too     because     it’s     the     perfect  size     for     traveling.

What     Hilltop     product(s)     do     you     want     to     try     that     you     already     haven’t?  I’ve     only     used     the     whipped     body     butter,     so     I’m     super     curious     about     the     texture     of     the     original  version!     I     think     that     Mango     Shea     Peppermint (SPOILER ALERT **SPOILER ALERT**)    sounds     like     an     amazing     scent.     I     also     really     need     to  buy     a     bar     of     the     Cedar     &     Sandalwood     soap,     because     that     list     of     ingredients     sounds     phenomenal.  ( And sorry Jillian, you’ll have to wait until next year. The Cedar and Sandalwood, from Sept VIP is already SOLD OUT)

If     you     could     only     have     one     Hilltop     product     for     the     rest     of     your     life,     what     would     it     be?  Don’t     make     me     choose!     If     I     had     to     pick,     I     think     I     would     keep     the     Peppermint     Sugar     Scrub.     I     love  the     fresh,     clean     scent,     and     it     leaves     my     skin     feeling     so     soft,     smooth,     and     hydrated.     But     I     have     so  many     favorites     that     I     would     be     lost     if     I     had     to     pick     just     one!

THANK YOU JILLIAN!  Do you love it?  Some times its HARD to know what to buy.  Most of you are shopping on line, so I LOVE that we have FRIENDS, and Consultants to give suggestions!

How can you get in on this fun?


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